Our Recruitment Motto

 At Duy Tan, a world of opportunities is offered equally to each candidate who joins our recruitment process. We create a friendly and professional working environment where every contribution is recognized and valued, all to attract, reward, retain and develop employees based on meritocracy and efficiency. 

Why work with us?

Creating a turning point in your career path 

 At Duy Tan, all candidates will join a professional hiring process which, based on true competency, working attitude, teamwork and uncompromising principles of fairness, integrity and honesty, will explore your true potential within our company.

Growing with DuyTan 

 At Duy Tan, we strive to build a professional, dynamic, enthusiastic and creative team. With great experience and expertise we aim to become the top plastics manufacturer in SEA. We also desire to create a professional and friendly working environment, where devotion and personal development of all employees is in strong focus. All in order to harmonically connect the interests of both company and employee.

 Duy Tan Plastics