On December 16, Duy Tan Binh Duong Plastic Co., Ltd under Duy Tan Plastic Manufacturing Corporation has signed a cooperation agreement in implementing the Solar project - a solar energy project for the factory in Binh Duong.

Following the project of switching to renewable energy carried out at Duy Tan Long An factory, Duy Tan Plastic Manufacturing Corporation continues to cooperate with new units to implement and replace part of the grid power with solar energy project, in order to serve the production process. The project also helps to release the full capacity of power supply projects to be invested in the coming time, ensuring safe and continuous power supply.

BayWa r.e. Vietnam is the investor of the project, Vu Phong Energy Group is the project developer and general contractor service provider, expected to put into operation at the end of the first quarter of 2023.

Representative of Duy Tan Plastics (middle), BayWa r.e. Vietnam (left) and Vu Phong Energy Group (right) signed the project implementation agreement.

This project is located at Duy Tan Binh Duong Plastic factory in Viet Huong 2 Industrial Park, Ben Cat, Binh Duong province, implemented on a total roof area of 16,000m2 (including 3 buildings). With a capacity of 2,170.2 kWp, this system will generate about 3,000,000 kWh of solar electricity per year, helping the plant reduce emissions by about 2,000 tons of CO2 per year.

Previously, the solar power project at Duy Tan Long An Plastic Co., Ltd was honored to be in the Top of "Typical Renewable Energy Project in 2021". This project was in Tan Do industrial park, Long An province with a total capacity of 9,932.4 kWp, contributing to reduce emissions of nearly 9,000 tons of CO2 per year, and saving at least 13 million kWh per year for the system's power supply. 

In addition to creating a clean energy supply, helping to reduce CO2 emissions, this solar power project also helps save energy and reduce production costs. Most of the equipment used in this project is imported from abroad such as: Canadian panels, Inverter SMA (Germany), Schneider electrical equipment, Cadivi power cables...

Le Tri Tin - CEO of Duy Tan Binh Duong Plastic Co., Ltd said: "The solar project at Duy Tan Binh Duong Plastic Co., Ltd is the effort of the company's leadership to contribute to the green revolution of the earth and reduce carbon, in line with Vietnam's commitments at COP 27 on green and energy transition to achieve the goal of "Net Zero" by 2050."

Duy Tan Binh Duong Plastic Factory owns many large machines specializing in the production of high quality Industrial plastic products.

As the leading plastic manufacturer in Vietnam and reaching out to the world, Duy Tan Plastics also always considers green and sustainable development as its responsibility and mission. From the beginning, the company has oriented to build zero-waste plants, including solid waste, exhaust gas and wastewater.

In the development strategy, the company always sets the goal of sustainable development, maintaining growth in production and business activities in parallel with focusing on developing human resources and environment-friendly products.

Moreover, SCG Packaging (the largest shareholder of Duy Tan Plastics) - a leading multinational consumer packaging solutions provider - is also known for following the business philosophy of sustainable development, applying ESG strategy in investment and business activities, with more emphasis on issues related to environmental and social benefits.