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At the beginning of the 20th century Pallet was born and widely used, at this time the pallet is a simple pallet consisting of long bars fastened to the upper surface layer used in the factory together with the old pallet truck.
First, it was just a pad that was used between the cargo and the ground to allow the fork to be inserted in and below to lift the cargo, leading to the development of pallets linked to the spacers and cushion, forming a rudimentary pallet (single-sided pallet). The development adds link bars to the bottom of the pallet to create a solid texture for the pallet.
In 1925, adding lower bars to help Pallet lift goods with much heavier loads, or stacking, the goods below are less damaged,...
Since then, forklift manufacturers come into play with the idea of utilizing more vertical space and space in a factory to store goods more and more scientifically.
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