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Suffering plastic waves, wholesale plastic waves, high durability

In the context of increasing demand for storage and transportation, storage products for goods are always appreciated. Plastic waves have become an indispensable item in preserving industries. Currently on the market there are two most commonly used plastic waves: steak plastic waves and open plastic waves.To better understand the difference between them and how to apply in your industry, please refer to the information below.

1. The concept of plastic wave tray and open plastic wave tray

Plastic wave tray is a product shaped from a pure plastic block, forming an empty rectangular box inside to store goods. They are equipped with handle and have many different sizes, colors and styles. Based on the shape and structure, the plastic wave tray is divided into two main types: plastic wave tray and open plastic wave tray.Common areas of use include: Industry, Agriculture, Logistics, Health, along with service industry such as restaurants and hotels, ...

1.1 What is plastic wave tray?

Sit wave plastic tray, also known as other solid plastic waves, plastic waves, closed plastic waves or steak plastic waves, characterized by surfaces without open holes. All 4 sides and the bottom of this type of plastic tray are completely closed.Plastic wave tray is manufactured on advanced technology lines, with a variety of sizes and structures. Using high quality plastic material, they are sustainable, withstand high temperatures and are not affected by environmental factors.The plastic wave tray is applied to store and preserve goods, helping to prevent the loss and damage of the product inside. Sites plastic tray is suitable for many fields, such as outdoor areas, cold storage and high temperature production environments. Industries such as seafood, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, electronic components, ... can take advantage of this tray.

1.2 What is open plastic wave tray?

Open plastic wave tray, also known as hollow plastic waves, open plastic waves or plastic waves with holes, 4 sides as well as the bottom of the open plastic tray is designed with a hole network, facilitating the air and the wind Can be circulated through. Similar to the plastic wave tray, this tray is also equipped with convenient handle.
The open plastic wave tray is suitable for storing items that require ventilation. There are many options for size and color for this tray, and they are often used to store or display products such as flowers, vegetables, fruits and other foods. The ventilation of the open hole helps to extend the storage term for these products.

2. Comparison between steak plastic waves and open plastic waves

Bits and open plastic waves are both popular on the market today. The difference between them is easy to see immediately by observing the surface. Plastic waves have no holes or voids, while plastic waves are open. Both types are favored by the convenience and versatility they bring. For example, in the fisheries industry, when processing processing fish, people often use plastic waves; When it is necessary to move from place to place, open plastic waves with small holes become useful.
These plastic waves are usually made from materials such as PP, PC, and HDPE. This makes it easy to choose the type of plastic wave that suits your needs at plastic stores or from direct production facilities.

Characteristic  Plastic waves  Plastic waves open face
 Material  Made from virgin plastic, extremely durable  There is a gap in the design into a wave
 Surface  There is no open hole, completely closed surface   There are open holes, helping goods drainage and ventilation
 Application  Used for food, garment, aquatic products, agricultural products, components and spare parts of the mechanical and electronics industry  Suitable for food, fruits, vegetables and goods


3. Some products of plastic steak, open plastic waves are trusted by customers at Duy Tan plastic

3.1 Open plastic waves 2t4

  • Size: 59.7 x 39.7 x 24 cm
  • Ingredients: PP
  • Colors: positive, red, leaves, yellow

2T4 2T4 open -color plastic waves are designed to be stacked without each other. This helps optimize storage space and at the same time ensuring that the goods are not deformed. Because of the open structure, the surface of the plastic wave is designed in the form of mesh, making it easy to drain and water. In addition, this openness also helps you easily identify the internal products, facilitating the process of checking.

3.2 Open plastic waves 1t8

  • Size: [58.6 x 39.2 x 18] (cm) ± 0.5 (cm)
  • Ingredients: HDPE
  • Colors: positive, red, leaves, yellow, white

With a moderate ratio design, suitable for all needs of use. 1T8 open plastic waves are one of the popular options in environments such as fish shrimp and fish production enterprises ... This product is also very suitable for storing and transporting goods and confectionery in the store or family.

3.3 Plastic steak wave 3t1

  • Size: [62.6 x 42.4 x 31] (cm) ± 0.5 (cm)
  • Ingredients: HDPE
  • Colors: positive, red, leaves, yellow

3T1 plastic waves have outstanding durability, strong load capacity and long service life thanks to the use of high quality solid plastic materials. With large capacity and extensive design, this product enhances the ability to store goods

3.4 2t2 steak plastic waves

  • Size: [52.3 x 43.2 x 22.3] (cm) ± 0.5 (cm)
  • Ingredients: HDPE
  • Colors: positive, red, leaves, yellow, colorless

2T2 steak plastic waves are designed with rectangular, equipped with a handle on both sides to make it easy to move. The outer surface of the wave is reinforced by firm tendons, creating more sturdy and excellent bearing capacity, suitable for all use environments.


4. Should buy open plastic waves, reputable plastic waves

If you are looking for a reputable place to buy and plastic waves, then Duy Tan plastic is a worthy choice. With over 36 years of industry experience, we have built a solid reputation for quality and service. At Duy Tan plastic, we are committed to bringing you:

  • Top quality: Open plastic and plastic wave products are manufactured from high quality primary plastic material, ensuring durability, bearing capacity and longevity. The production process is tested for quality international ISO standards.
  • Diverse models: We offer a variety of open plastic and plastic waves with diverse designs, different sizes to meet all your needs.
  • Prestige: With the trust that customers have devoted to us for many years, we have always tried to maintain the reputation and meet all the requirements of our customers dedicated.
  • Professional service: We always consider customers a focus and commitment to providing enthusiastic and fully supported consulting services so you can choose the most suitable product.

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