Currently, there are many plastic pallet suppliers in the Vietnamese market, and one of them is Duy Tan Plastics, the oldest and most familiar plastic brand to most Vietnamese people. To have a more accurate understanding of the company's capabilities and the products that contribute to its reputation, let's explore in the following article!

Introduction to Duy Tan Plastic Pallet Supplier

Duy Tan Plastic is one of the leading companies in plastic manufacturing in Vietnam, operating in the main fields of Household Plastics, Industrial Plastics, Packaging Plastics (food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals), and Mechanical Mold.
With over 36 years of construction and development, Duy Tan has become a trusted brand among Vietnamese consumers by utilizing modern technology and quality raw materials to produce durable plastic products with aesthetic appeal and high applicability.

Duy Tan plastic pallet supplier company

By investing in management systems, optimizing production operations, and implementing projects to penetrate new markets, Duy Tan strives to become the leading plastic manufacturing company in ASEAN. To date, Duy Tan's products have been present in over 30 countries worldwide, including demanding markets such as the United States, Japan, Australia, and Europe.

Over the years, Duy Tan has received numerous awards, titles, and certifications from reputable organizations, including National Brand (2014 - 2016 - 2018 - 2020), High-Quality Vietnamese Goods for 26 consecutive years (from 1997 to present), Top 50 Leading Brands (Forbes Vietnam), Top 500 Largest Private Enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) for 12 consecutive years, Top 500 Fastest Growing Enterprises in Vietnam (VNR500) for 10 consecutive years, Most Trusted Exporter in Vietnam (Ministry of Industry and Trade), Preferred Plastic Packaging Supplier for many famous brands (Unilever, Nestlé, Pepsi, Carlsberg, Castrol, KAO, Sanofi, Rohto, Massan, Vinamilk, Nutifood...).

Characteristics of Duy Tan Plastic Pallet Products

In order to meet customer needs and provide high-quality, environmentally friendly plastic products, Duy Tan focuses on each process, using modern equipment and the best raw materials to create products that satisfy even the most demanding customers. Specifically:

  • Duy Tan ensures that the production process complies with international standards, especially ISO standard for pallet quality.The
  • production materials are 100% virgin plastic imported from overseas, guaranteeing origin and quality, high durability, strong load-bearing capacity, and reusability.
  • Diverse in design, with various shapes such as square, rectangular, and stackable with grooves.
  • Water-resistant, chemical-resistant, moisture and mold-resistant, widely used as liners, fixtures, and cargo storage.
  • Minimal damage such as breakage, providing cost savings and multiple reuses.
  • Designed with standard sizes, compatible with various types of automated trucks, powered forklifts, manual pallet jacks for loading and unloading goods.
  • Stackable, saving warehouse space.
  • Some unique products exclusive to Duy Tan (Pallet 1123).

Duy Tan plastic pallet products

Popular Duy Tan Plastic Pallet Products

With high applicability, plastic pallets are widely used in various industries and sectors. As a result, the pallet market is expanding, and different sizes and designs of pallets are being produced to meet customer needs. Currently, Duy Tan provides popular pallet types such as:

  • Floor Liner Plastic Pallets: Suitable for all types of forklifts, optimizing time and effort in warehouse movement, specifically designed for securing and stacking goods for export.

floor plastic pallets

  • One-piece Plastic Pallets: Produced using mold casting, capable of withstanding heavy loads, widely used for storage, preservation, and transportation of goods.

Solid plastic pallets

  • Assembled Plastic Pallets: Assembled pallets can be combined with various types of forklifts and used for containment, storage, preservation, and fixation of goods.

assembled plastic pallets

  • Double-sided Plastic Pallets: These pallets can be used on both sides, with higher weight and load-bearing capacity compared to other types of plastic pallets.

Double-sided plastic pallet

Sales Policy at Duy Tan Plastic Pallet Supplier

With the desire to bring customers the best value and experience, Duy Tan creates the best conditions to improve the quality of its services, especially in sales policies, including:

  • Pricing Policy: Duy Tan applies appropriate pricing levels based on the intended use and needs of each customer, especially businesses and commercial establishments. There are preferential discount levels depending on specific order quantities.
  • Shipping Policy: Duy Tan provides delivery support within a range of less than 100km from Ho Chi Minh City, with a fast and punctual order and delivery process.
  • Establishing multiple secure payment methods to ensure customer confidence in transactions.
  • Detailed and clear warranty policies for each product type: 1-year warranty (12 months) based on Duy Tan's technical standards (Spec..), and a commitment to replace 100% of products with technical defects before use or during delivery.

Duy Tan's sales policy with many incentives

Contacting and Placing Orders at Duy Tan

If you want to place orders for Duy Tan plastic products, please consider the following two simple methods:
Method 1: If you have identified the products you want to purchase, choose the products on the website, click on "contact for ordering," and provide all the required information to complete the ordering process.
Method 2: If you need consultation or have any inquiries, please contact us via hotline +(84) 28 3876 2222 - line 268 or send an email to Our staff will answer your questions and provide guidance promptly.